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Taking Our Suspenders Off the Other Guys Handle Bar!
(Reasons for purchasing a business)

The story is told of an older gentleman and a younger man. There is the older man, at the street light, on his scooter deluxe, nice shine and new. The older gent pulls up to the stop light waiting patiently for his green signal to go. With his colorful suspenders and vintage freshly painted bike helmet. Suddenly his focus on the stop light is interrupted by the sound of a younger man on a Harley. You could hear the motorcycle’s ferocious power, pumping out of the chrome dual exhaust. 
The younger man is now staring at the older and revving the bike’s powerful engine and the older gent seems to be paying the younger, no never mind, as he glances at the younger man from the corner of his eye, it’s hard not to be impressed by the younger man’s motorcycle. The older man leans in to take a closer look at the bike. The light turns green and all at once the younger man spins the tires of his bike at maximum speed and burns out, leaving a cloud of smoke behind him. A smile on the face of the younger man, lets everyone know that he is pleased and that he has shown up grandpa and his shinny scooter. But just while the younger man is smiling he looks in his side view mirror and what does he see, but the older gent is gain on him, so the young man guns the engine and pours on the power thinking “I will show this old man”, but the more he sped up the faster the older gent went until he zooms past the younger man. The younger man thought “I cannot believe that the old fart passed me”, but to his surprise the older gent was coming back and retook his positions behind the younger man. This made the younger man furious he thought to himself “It was not enough that the old guy passed me, but he wants to show me up by getting behind me and pass me once again. Well that will never happen! I am going to push this throttle to the max.” The younger man shouted out “eat my dust grandpa!!!”, but to the younger man’s shock he could see the older man gaining on him again and to the younger man’s utter amazement the older gent passed him yet again. This went on a couple more times, Back and forth, the older gent would be in front then he’d go back behind the younger man. Finally, the two, crashed into one another right there in the middle of the road. Both bikes were busted up and the older gent laid on the ground bruised up, but very much alive. The younger man was shaken, but he saw the older gent on the ground and the younger man made his way to him and asked “Are you ok?” he said while rubbing his head. The older gent answered “yes, I think I am fine”, the younger man said “is there anything that I can do for you?” the older gent said “yes, take my suspenders off your handle bars!”

Decision in business, being made by others to go to fast or to go to slow can be frustrating. Which leaves a lot of us thinking of owning our own business; (getting our suspenders off their handle bar). Maybe you are bored with your current job, or have always wanted to test your resolve in running your own business, or maybe you just want a chance to improve your financial situation. In life, there is just something attractive and sane about taking your suspenders off the handle bars of another and owning your own business. It puts you in the driver seat of getting some of the things you want in life. The reality is that owning a business can truly offer several advantages in life.
Owning your own business has the potential of maximizing your dollar. Per the experts, the purchase of an existing business often will have a Return on Investment (ROI) of at least 15% of pre-tax annual gross sale dollars. This does not count legitimate business expense write offs. These legitimate business expenses are paid by the business but they lower the business owner’s cost of living.

Owning your own business gives you the opportunity to work in industry of your choice. Someone said “you should do the thing you love and get paid for it”. Purchasing a business is a choice of yours, so you may as well choose to work in an industry you like and get paid for it.

Owning your own business gives you the occasion to make a big difference in your family, your community and in your employee’s families lives.
Alright, so let’s take our suspenders off the other guys handle bar and consider the possibility of purchasing an existing business today. You can call me at 913-328-1232/913-940-3168 or check out our listings at
Author by Jeremy Mays