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Jeremy P. Mays
President and Senior Business Broker

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  Jeremy P. Mays is the President, Founder and Operating Member of J.P. Mays Business Brokers, LLC. Since founding J.P. Mays Business Brokers, LLC in 2004, Jeremy has professionally brought together hundreds of Buyers and Sellers of businesses; Business of all different types, like construction, manufacturing, HVAC, restaurants, retail stores, distribution, healthcare and much more. Jeremy is a member of the Institution of Business Appraisers, and has prepared hundreds of business valuation reports for privately held businesses of all statuses. 
  Jeremy understands selling businesses on a very detailed level, having bought and sold seven businesses himself personally. From the years of 1993 to 2004 Jeremy was the principal of a diverse group of businesses, most of which he purchased and sold himself. He learned firsthand of all the pit falls and problems you run into when you sell your own business. Also he developed a keen understanding for the ins and outs of mergers, acquisition and commercial banking. Since Jeremy has been an owner of a business he is very sympathetic of today’s business men & women, and he holds his fiduciary responsibility in a very high regard. 
  Jeremy is heavily involved in church, volunteer work, the community, and has a passion for excellence. He is a licensed real estate agent in Kansas and Missouri, a member of the Institute of Business Appraisers, recognized speaker, and an expert in mergers, acquisitions and business valuation.